A Little More About Judy and Orlin


Orlin and I are delighted to have you in our fun and sometimes crazy Shaklee group.  Let me take just a few minutes to introduce ourselves to you if I haven’t had the privilege of meeting you in person.

After I graduated from college with a Kindergarten  - Elementary Ed degree, I taught for two years – Orlin worked at Control Data. In 1968, we were asked to join a pastor who was opening up a mission in Lima, Peru.  We were delighted to have that wonderful privilege – opening up a new church mission - for almost 4 years.  We returned from Lima with 2 children and a love for helping people.

We joined Shaklee in 1981 to save money on our products.  We had 6 children (two of them adopted from Nicaragua) with many “normal” health problems.  I had a history of breast cancer for two generations on my mother’s side, and was beginning to have symptoms that worried me.  After seeing the difference Shaklee made in my health, I wanted it for my children also.  After a visit with my sponsor in Shaklee, she assured me that all of those products could be purchased for FREE!  Wow FREE is pretty good.

To this day, I have always earned enough to cover our personal use of Shaklee – and now our family has expanded to 15 grandchildren that are the delight of our lives.  Our 1099’s every year from Shaklee are over $70,000 and Shaklee tracks our total earnings since we started and it’s over a MILLION. 

But besides that – even more importantly – we have changed people’s lives.  Countless stories of health problems that are no longer an issue warm our hearts constantly.  Plus we are making a significant contribution to the environment and to people’s happiness quotients.  Our cup truly runneth over. 

You may contact us at 651-454-7179 or cell 651-206-7982.