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New Member Packet 


Our Mission Statement
1 Welcome Letter
2 Environmental Accomplishments
3 How to order Products and Sales Aids

4 How do you feel Today?
5 Switch to Shaklee checklist
6 Get Clean Basic H2 Usage Guide
6a BasicH Fruit and Vegetable Wash
7 Cleaning Recipes
8 Buying Benefits
9 Landmark Clinical Studies
10 Baker's Dozen Certificate
11 Bingo Card
12 Interest Sheet
13 Interest Indicator
14 Top 21 CD Program Introduction
14a Top 21 CD Program Details
15 Summary of Member Benefits and Free Products
16 Share the Gift of Health
17 Evaluating Nutrition Companies
18 Life Changing Short Stories
19 Free Products Referral Program
20 Price Comparison
21 Ways to Join Shaklee


Contact: Judy Myrlie 651-206-7982


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